Pages Give Air to Scorpions and Poetry to Peoples

"Book Lungs" are respiratory tissues used in the process of atmospheric gas exchange. Arachnids have book lungs. Scorpions and spiders and ticks. There is no other order of land-dwelling creatures that uses books for breath. Book lungs are quite literally an arrangement of page like sheets of hemolymph saturated tissues that collect as pages do into 'books'. Spiders and scorpions use these air/life 'books' to maximize the total surface area of hemolymphic tissues exposed to the air. Therefore it can be said that these 'books' optimally maximize (for spiders) the amount of gas exchanged with the environment. Modern arachnids have enjoyed this system of respiration without any determinable evolutionary changes for at least 410 million years.



Nick Aster

x   enophobic black black begat red in that twice heartattach
x   anthippes spasms and spasms and paroxysm    

a voice from very far off and half my own voice
augur promising blackblackblack begat white

my everything                                                         stemmed in through newt eyes
messed up afterimages of color and brightness    red endlessly in black black

the indigenous      abecedarian       spindly fibres that mediate allmans weight and shape
these automatons these first discriminators wailing hollow by the thousands

in the resonate hollows of nesting hollow   understanding this ripture
iatrogenic misconceptions of season          redness in blackening      plunk upon heartsichords

unscheduled equinox inverts all oosporingovercodes

every moment on top of every water will hide somewhere flighty séance
ephemera phloatabobbing in ripple awake

after this flood your steps will be crakey
as if on bird twigs

vaccinium ovatum and lilies
vaccinium stameum and lilies and aspirated breath

i heard with fish ears from a very far off voice half my own that every eve 
on sundown city preachers kneel and ask blessing on the towns of the living

call curses onto the chockablock cities of the dead  they are not wholly bad or good those that live 
under the wood o please keep thy tired eye on all poor creatures born to die

x  eric are these first moments of light led by the single cephalopod reach of a sucking
x  enagogue

*note: title, amount of lines, first-letter couplet pairs, spacing, word choice. Haha I wrote this as a 'dramatic monologue' for class. Try to guess who the speaker is??


  1. Anonymous23:14

    Love the Dylan Thomas "Under Milk Wood" reference.

  2. Nick Aster18:43

    thanks. haha I'm glad you caught the reference.