Pages Give Air to Scorpions and Poetry to Peoples

"Book Lungs" are respiratory tissues used in the process of atmospheric gas exchange. Arachnids have book lungs. Scorpions and spiders and ticks. There is no other order of land-dwelling creatures that uses books for breath. Book lungs are quite literally an arrangement of page like sheets of hemolymph saturated tissues that collect as pages do into 'books'. Spiders and scorpions use these air/life 'books' to maximize the total surface area of hemolymphic tissues exposed to the air. Therefore it can be said that these 'books' optimally maximize (for spiders) the amount of gas exchanged with the environment. Modern arachnids have enjoyed this system of respiration without any determinable evolutionary changes for at least 410 million years.


What To Expect in My Posts

Hey everyone, 

I'm Nick Aster, the author of this web-space. Thanks for looking at my stuff! Every week I'm going to try to post at least one poem if not a small fistful of them. I hope that you use the comment space as a way to bounce off my work if bouncing seems appropriate. Comments containing creative responses are completely welcome in order to maintain the collaborative workshop atmosphere for which the Blog format is best suited. Besides poetry posts I should be regularly posting:
-Visual art that I'm working through. 

-The daily marginalia that sticks to me from my ENG/LIT classes at the University of Utah. 

-Archaic-process film photos taken on rusty old cameras, crayons, collages, crayons...

OH! and if I start getting some followers then I plan on Blog-publishing the novel that I'm working on for a Graduate Thesis seminar. The book is called "Angeles" and if I can spark some interest in 'LungBook' I'd love to drop a chapter or so a week. Serial reading can be crazy fun! Charles Dickens started the idea, so you know serializing books has to be legit and "the best of times"!

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